30-carat purple diamond being offered at tender

The “Kimberley Purple,” a 30.80-carat rough diamond, is on view in New York until April 23, when it will be moved to Antwerp.Belgium--A 30.80-carat purple diamond found in Batla Minerals’ diamond tailings plant will be tendered later this month in Antwerp and New York.

The diamond, named the “Kimberley Purple,” has “exquisite gemological characteristics” and will be tendered and on view by Fusion/Hennig Tenders in New York until April 23, and later in Antwerp from April 27 to 30.

The diamond was recovered from Batla Minerals’ Superkolong diamond tailings plant in Kimberley, South Africa. Tailings are the materials left over after separating out the valuable fraction of an ore from the unprofitable materials.

Batla Minerals CEO Jean Retief said the discovery of the Kimberley Purple is a “clear statement of the (Superkolong’s) viability and its ability to produce something special.”

A viewing can be arranged by emailing appts@fusionalternatives.com. Additional information on the tender can be found on the Fusion Alternatives website.
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